Our vision is about making healthy living an integral component of unique, mixed-use communities.

We create a special sense of place, with developments designed to serve a growing demographic that values wellness and lifestyle conveniences.

With deep experience in real estate and capital markets built over decades with developers, educational institutions, municipalities, government agencies, financial companies and sports organizations, we can provide our partners an ability to shape the future of their communities for generations to come.

Talk about "smart" technology has been common for many years, with examples as simple as house monitoring devices and "smart" appliances. With Intelligent Communities, technology is not the focus, though technology will certainly be an aspect of Terra Carta Partners’ projects.



Our developments primarily fall into four categories:

acquisition or leasing of land to extract the maximum value below and above the surface

creating new places where we would want to work, live or visit with our family and friends

environments that take live, work, play to the next level with health, wellness and performance

other special opportunities, based on relationships and investment insight


The team at Terra Carta Partners brings unique expertise in real estate, capital markets, alternative investing, sports and wellness.

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