Consistent with the investment priorities of family offices, Terra Carta Partners takes a long-term, comprehensive approach to real estate development to obtain the best value proposition from each development opportunity.

Conventional & Renewable Energy – Energy comes from many sources, and Terra Carta Partners is open to investment in a broad swath of energy sources including traditional oil and gas exploration in addition to renewable resources including photovoltaic solar and waste-to-energy production.

Intentionally Planned Communities – Communities that are designed from their inception to integrate residential, retail, office, education, government services, and recreation create a synergy that provides a living experience that is more than a collection of isolated features and amenities. Starting with raw land, Terra Carta Partners leads the way through design, entitlement, and construction to create cohesive communities.

Sports Performance & Entertainment District – The intersection of vision and relationships is a memorable and special space. Development around a “place” or “area” will often be in the form of a Sports/Performance and Entertainment District. Our experience in this space gives us the foundation to take the concepts of “live, work and play” to the next level.

We envision healthy living and sustainability as integral components of each of our mixed-use projects with an emphasis on designing in and integrating these principles in the design of our projects.

Targeted Development Opportunities – Terra Carta Partners is always looking for targeted projects that are designed to fill a void in an existing real estate market. Our interest extends from the development of luxury condominiums to self-storage facilities and everything in between. We seek to identify needs within the market and target projects to maximize the potential of that market. We never say never to an outstanding development opportunity.