Smart Cities & Intelligent Communities

Talk about “smart” technology has been common for many years, with examples as simple as house monitoring devices or “smart” appliances.

Smart Cities & Intelligent Communities

Investments by Google and other major technology vendors have popularized the more sophisticated concept of the Smart City, where information and communications technology are applied to monitor and measure everything from traffic lights to water supplies, increasing efficiency and saving money, and where citizens are also engaged by access to on-demand services. Intelligent Communities, a concept much closer to the heart of the Terra Carta Partners’ vision, goes one step further.

With Intelligent Communities, technology is not the focus, though innovation through technology will certainly be an aspect of Terra Carta Partners’ projects. For Terra Carta Partners, enhanced communications can be in the service of wellness; for instance, providing medical-based platforms accessible to all in our communities, via smartphone or tablet.

In short, our vision is values-driven. Our focus is on health, lifestyle, and on intelligently facilitating the most highly desirable of live, work, play environments. Through real estate investment and development, we create unique places, with innovative ecosystems, highly sought after by residents, retailers, and corporate tenants.

Intelligent Communities will be a model for the most successful urban developments in the decades ahead, and for Terra Carta Partners these communities represent the most desirable integration of technology, health, and prosperity for residents, businesses and institutions.